The Ties That Bind

It is like a double-edge sword. And customized ties can be cutting edge if you want it to be. Just talk to your designer about that one. Start with your existing corporate or club image. Or work with your own persona. In this day and age, the workplace dress code has been altered to the point that not many men are wearing ties these days. You only seem to find politicians and legal eagles, and yes, them too, the big corporates, wearing ties these days.

Wear a tie and see what a difference it makes to your persona. But not just any tie. That is too easy to do. It would also be somewhat tardy. It will probably be tacky, and cheesy too. But if that is the impression you wish to create, then so be it. At least enjoy it. While you do not see it too much among the general crowds, ties are still very much in vogue. The thing about ties is this. It can be extremely millennial modern.

Or it could be classic and elegant. The wearing of the tie still distinguishes a man. It represents in such a subtle way something about his persona. It defines him. What elevates the man that wears the tie is not so much the colors and the patterning. It is also the quality. Polyester can be used, but why do that. Cotton is elegant and gives off something of a countrified or collegiate air. It represents the club mode.

customized ties

But the standard bearer for ties is always going to be silk. If it is not silk, it can be satin. That leans somewhat towards the gauche and the bawdy. It could even be bohemian, depending on what color and patterning scheme has been selected.