Liverpool SEO For Your Business

Every business needs a kick start to get to the level making a profit, rather than just covering the overheads. SEOs or Search Engine Optimisation is the best way to do it. Here we are going to give you 5 ways in which to boost your company to compete with bigger companies, zooming in our focus on your local area.


  • Content Is King

It is important to focus on good quality content and by this we mean use content that is specific to your target client base, this will eventually improve your sites relevance, putting your company in the position to gain a decent foothold.

Think about how your intended client might search for the product or service, for example, “London Plumbing”, “plumbers in London” or “best plumbing companies London.” Use these phrases often, using them throughout the page, a couple of times in the opening and closing paragraphs and another four times through the rest of the content.

Use bold, Italics, heading tags and any other emphasis tags available to you, but remember not to use too many as this will make your page look very messy and never write poorly just to fit the SEOs into the page. Good content is always better than a mass of SEOs.

  • Update

In today’s market content can become obsolete or stagnant very quickly and search engines know it too, update your content as often as possible.

Check how relevant your content is with the trends that are happening at the time. Remember that the corporate world has become shifting sands and there are new trends springing up each minute.

  • Long-Tail Keyword Strategy

When using a search engine, potential clients do not always use short keywords, rather they use long ones such as, ” tips on how to snake a drain.” Using a long-tail keyword will in this way maximise your ranking.

It is always easier to write a long-tail keyword into your pages than using short keywords as this could make your page look unprofessional.

  • Link Worthy

Making your site link-worthy is of utmost importance, using the phrase “click here” has no value to a search engine, it will only clutter your page with unnecessary gibberish.

Instead connect a keyword or phrase with the URL you intend to send the client to for example, ” Liverpool Kitchen Company.” This will be rich in keywords and will also boost your rankings further.

  • Be Personal

Most big companies have a disadvantage when it comes to using search optimisation, as they grow they lose the “personal” touch that they once had, this is where you can push ahead and compete with your larger competition.

Try to be more personal or humanised with each follower, chat to your following on social media, this will bring in more followers. Your rankings will become higher as long as you stay active on your social media sites.Search Engine Optimisation


Sometimes you might not be able to do this by yourself, so it would be advisable to contact a professional company to help you with some of the finer details.

If you need this kind of help ShootScope Liverpool SEO has the expertise to deal with all your problems, they have a dedicated team and strive to give their clients the best quality and top of the line services. They will provide you with any information you might need.