Different Belt Buckle Designs

It’s said that you can tell a lot about a person by the type of design they have on his belt buckle. After all, who says that what we hold our pants up with can’t be stylish? There’re dozens of belt buckle designs that we can adorn our belts with, and there’s one for everyone.

First, you have the traditional buckles that typically decorate most belts where no other decoration has been added. These buckles are mostly gold or silver, and other than looking shiny, they don’t do much else for style.

Next, you have a girls and boys western belt buckle, these are typically thick belt buckles that either form words when both parts of the belt are clicked together or have some other design that screams “Cowboy or cowgirl.” Stars, the heads of longhorns, images of horses, and other things all qualify. It just has to scream wild west and frontier life, and you’re all good. It’s even better if you can attach a holster with a fake six shooter to it.

Superhero belt buckles are another favorite, with the insignias or symbols of various heroes and villains adorning the buckles. If you want to go all out, then try to get a belt that matches the character’s costume, such as Batman’s utility belt. There’re thousands of comic characters that all have their own symbols and iconic faces that can adorn any belt buckle you want.

boys western belt buckle

Other types of belt buckles include bejeweled buckles, buckles in different colors, and even belt buckles that glow in the dark. There are countless variations on the simple design, and you’ll find dozens of them at the local clothing store. So if you like holding up your pants in style, then maybe investing in a few buckles that you find attractive will allow you to do so.