A Beginner’s Guide for Guitar Supplies

When it comes to getting and using a guitar, you have a lot of choices to go through. There’s which type of guitar to get- Acoustic or Electric, and then all the brands, picks, amps, and other stuff. It can be so overwhelming you might just decide to pick up another instrument all together!

But fear not, because aside from a love of music and a can do attitude, there isn’t much else that you need to play guitar. Once you pick the type of guitar you want as well as the brand (because getting a Yamaha guitar is not the same as getting one of the preston thompson guitars for sale) then you can get started.

You will need some picks because even if you want to strum or pick your guitar with your fingers, having a pick can really help get the crisp sound out while you train your hands on the proper way to touch the strings. Plus, it can help keep the strumming crisp and clean while you work on things like chord changes and finger placement.

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You’ll also need a capo if you plan to be singing while playing, as the device will allow you to play the same chords, but at different keys. It might not sound like much, but it’s helpful as a beginner. Especially as you try to get the first few chords down. Finally, you’ll need a tuner and a metronome. The tuner keeps your guitar in tune and is helpful when you sound off and need to check the strings, while the metronome helps you with the beat.

Aside from a few songbooks or lessons, that’s really all you need as a beginner. Everything else can be bought when you are further along your guitar journey!